January 2019 Blog Post



            Happy new year everybody. I pray that the most high God watch over all of us as we move into another year and soon another decade. That He prosper us in His grace for His purposes. May we abide daily in His precepts so as to encourage others to remembrance on who they are and why they have come here to this world at this special time.

           My hope is that we continue in study and relationship, showing ourselves approved so that we can be an example of what it means to be in fellowship with God. May our lives be the reflection of our journey to and discovery of truth. It has been an incredible year for Sacred Word Publishing. I am fortunate enough to have my children now involved with our ministry and taking an active role in supporting our work and charitable endeavors. Justin has been leading the weekly Digital Book Readers Club where we have for the past several months been reading in study chapter by chapter and verse by verse, the Aramaic and Palestinian Targum. This venture has been an incredible blessing for all those that have opted to participate in the readings.

         Joy has been assisting me for what will now be the biweekly Ask Me Anything shows. Her coordinating assistance with gathering the questions and relating them to me has been very productive in keeping me on task with answering and responding to the many inquiries that all of you have about the different aspects of our work. For that, I am greatly thankful. I can’t tell you how joyful and blessed I feel to have them involved in the outreach and study that I share with so many of you all across the world. As a family of scribes who have dedicated our lives to serving the kingdom and the most high God, I can imagine no better way of spending or utilizing our time and focus, than in publishing and making available worldwide the incredible scope of God’s word as revealed through the many collections we have released on the lost, forgotten, and forbidden ancient manuscripts. I know that many of you are also blessed by having access to this information.

           Likewise, I am fortunate to have the support of such incredible friends as Carol, Genevieve, and Laurel. Also to the many of you that work in the background like Jill and Joan to support our ministry and that donate your time money and effort to assisting us in our outreach. Please know that we extend our eternal gratitude to all of you for all of what you do. Really, we never could have reached this point or come this far without the assistance that all of you have kindly blessed us with. I look forward to the opportunity of new year and to see how and to what extent God will utilize us in supporting His purpose for the next portion of this journey. God bless all of you in your seeking and know that we love you as family in Christ.


              2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. With the quick transition into the cold season, our dedicated group of vinedressers are still enjoying a bountiful harvest from the Aramaic Targum. For sixteen weeks now, we have made our way through twenty-six chapters of the Genesis Targum and have no plans on stopping. The weekly meetings are such a blessing, which anyone who has participated will attest to. A few of us have been together since week one, but new members arrive often (warm welcome to all).

             At the beginning of each study, we spend ten minutes in fellowship and encouragement, followed by the weekly reading, sharing of insight, and Q&A. While I do enjoy the chats we have, the moments of sharing insight are by far my favorite time of the meeting (excluding our prayer time at the end). The perspective that each member brings forth consistently proves to shine light on a verse/topic that I didn’t even realize had deeper value. With the group staying around a steady ten members per study, we’re praying that more members will join and share the inspiration given to them as well! Each individual is highly cherished in the sight of our Creator, and each person has a great purpose in The Body of The Anointing. Every week, we read Biblical/Extrabiblical scripts which coincide with the text at hand. The amount of clarity which this study is bringing forth can only be accredited to The Most High who truly preserved His Word and Testimony throughout the ages. We’re so blessed to receive the opportunity to study these Scriptures in depth and hope you will consider joining with us every Saturday at 7pm EST on our Discord Channel at: