Biblical Hebrew Class

About the Instructors:

Noble George is a seminary-trained pastor and teacher, who discovered his love for the Hebrew language while attending Bible college several decades ago. Noble also is trained in Biblical Greek language. His background in working with the homeless population, widows and orphans has influenced his pastoral foundation of a church not being confined to a mortgage-ridden building. Noble has a heart for missions, and has fed food & taught bible studies to the homeless and led interdenominational church services annually, on worldwide cruise ships, in various countries, since 2011. (this is written by his wife, Lisa)

Noble, on a personal note, writes: When reflecting on education & ministry, some of my seminary (cemetery) classes were a total waste of time/money, and I questioned the fact that these seminaries charged exorbitant prices for those wanting to further YHWH’s kingdom! I had deeper dialogs on scriptural truths playing table tennis and basketball in college with my mates! While waking up, in the past decade, to important areas that were not highlighted at ALL in seminary, was a massive concern for me. Realizing the truth about ‘raqia’ (the firmament) and the lies from NASA/heliocentricity, dispensationalism, the whittled-down ‘canonization’ to just 66 books in the Bible (post-Nicene), the truth of biblically-based physical health versus big pharma, the lack of emphasis on important “synchronized biblically-endorsed extra-biblical texts” (thank you, Rob Skiba), such as 1 Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher, the so-called government-controlled (501-c3) churches, and a host of other important truths. Overall, the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek were the best courses offered and taken! Reading scripture for yourself in the original language versus the ‘lingua franca’ is far more gratifying & rewarding! You WILL find GOLDEN NUGGETS in the Bible we have today!

In ministry, people need to see the grand deception being played out by Elohim’s adversary. Millennia of years of practice has honed the enemy’s skill at deceiving and distracting the church. Yes, the fields are ripe for harvest; unfortunately, the gleaned new crops are being fed rubbish! Helping the widows, orphans & poor are biblically valid services that all should partake in (kudos to Zen, Justin, Joy & SWP team). Lisa & I enjoy helping out the individuals who really need it, and giving back what God has given us! Some may question, how does going on worldwide cruises help the needy (per my wife’s confession)? Ah ha! Busted!! Well, to make a long answer short, God instructs husbands to love their wives (Eph. 5:25-ff). My wife wanted to travel via cruise ship to research the true shape of earth, so I agreed, and accommodated her. It was YHWH’s intervention to offer Bible studies on board, which required a leader to head the study. Lisa volunteered me to do so, and the group acquiesced. Sharing Yeshua from a Messianic, Jewish perspective was a great way to introduce our ministry to affluent cruisers and for them to support homeless ministries (we even visited orphanages on some ports of call). It all works out in God’s eyes! As a plus, we have personally seen that the Suez Canal does not curve around a globe, at 8 inches per mile, squared!

Lisa George is a former classroom teacher, school psychologist, and therapeutic social worker who was also a foster parent for eight years. Her prayers to have her own children were answered when one of her clients, a foster child, became available for adoption. Isaac blessed her life so significantly that she began ministering online to other foster/adoptive mothers who are raising ‘wards of the state’ as their own. Lisa became interested in learning Biblical Hebrew after Noble encouraged her to enroll in a class before he began teaching language classes on his own. Lisa’s parents were educators in the private school system, and through them, she developed a love for life-long learning, even though much of that ‘learning’ has now been replaced with the truth.

Noble and Lisa have been married for ten years, raising their son, Isaac Daniel George. They built their ministry while working together to overcome his special needs, as a child who spent his formative years in the system. They offer regular Bible studies in their home, along with Hebrew classes. Noble and Lisa recently decided, with the encouragement of Sacred Word Publishing staff, to expand their home ministry to online Hebrew classes as well. They all are natives of Oahu, Hawaii, having lived there for the majority of their lives. Their family was definitely brought together by YHWH himself, for his purposes.