Directions to Hotel/Conference Center from Airport

Once arriving to Hartsfield International Airport, getting to the hotel as simple as these five steps:

1) After collecting your bags from baggage claim, look for signs that says MARTA Train Station. The train is connected to the airport, so it's very simple to find.

2) Purchase your $2.50 one-way or $5.00 two-way ticket and enter the gates to the station.

3) After ascending the escalator to board the train, board the GOLD LINE train.

Note: DO NOT board the red line, or you will be taken to the wrong place and will have to call an Uber/Lyft to bring you to the hotel.

4) Once reaching the Lindbergh Center station, call the hotel to let them know you're 10 minutes away from the Chamblee Station, where the shuttle will pick you up. Dial 1-770-457-6363 (there will be two prompts once making the call, simply ignore the prompts and stay on the line to speak with the front desk representative that will schedule the shuttle pickup). 

5) Once arriving at the Chamblee station, proceed towards the exit, and once going down the stairs, exit to the right side where the taxis are waiting. This is where the shuttle will pick you up! 

General Map Knowledge:

The airport is the southernmost station, and the Gold Line is the only one we have to focus on! 

The Chamblee Station is the second to last stop at the northernmost side of the Gold Line. This is the stop where the shuttle will pick you up. 

The Total Ride Time from airport to Chamblee Station is approximately 38 minutes, and the Chamblee Station is 2 miles away from the DoubleTree hotel and conference center!

We are very excited to meet with you! Prayerfully this will make for a smooth trip from the airport to the hotel.

Hotel Address and Contact Info:

4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30341, USA
TEL: +1-770-457-6363
FAX: +1-770-458-5282