Crypto for Ding Dongs February 2021

If you have not noticed, more and more people are becoming interested in Cryptocurrencies and like some of you are wanting to learn how to utilize the platform to create a positive return on their investment. While the mainstream financial system is charging you fees to hold your money with negative interest rates, if you just put your funds into Cryptocurrencies and held them in a wallet which pays interest, this would benefit you so much more than the less than 1% banks are paying out for savings account and money market funds.

One of the easiest things that one can do to create passive income in the Cryptocurrency markets, is to hold your tokens in a wallet which actually pays a higher interest rate than you will find anywhere else. This is one of the first things that we will be teaching people to do in the upcoming classes.

There are also very advanced techniques like yield farming which I will be explaining to the group at some point. While these techniques are little more advanced and a little more in depth, the APY (annual percentage yield) can reach up to 600% in some cases. Those of you that know about yield farming, probably are only familiar with doing such through Uniswap, Sushiswap, or other Ethereum projects. However, I am yield farming on the new Binance Smart Contract network – pancakeswap as well as the Tron base smart contract platform Uswap. The returns on investment on these particular platforms has been very promising and financially positive.

While I realize that what I just said in the last paragraph probably does not make much sense to many of you, those of you that are a little more advanced in the Cryptocurrency space and do understand what I’m talking about, I will provide some videos below that will explain in greater detail and will explain more when we actually do the show, the last week of February. Yield farming has to do with staking your coins in liquidity pools on different decentralized financial exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap. I did recommend looking into these coins many weeks ago and if you have not noticed they have quadrupled in price since that time. I believe these platforms will continue to grow as the use case for them increases over time. You can look up their symbol UNI and SUSHI. Even with their recent run-up in prices, I believe them to be still cheap. Another token which is been increasing in value because of the decentralized finance is called 1inch. This token is also run-up in value from 1 to 5 dollars over the last week or so. I do believe it will also continue to benefit from the decentralized finance market.

If you are interested in what I am talking about and want to know more about yield farming, and are able to understand the terminology, watch the videos below and then if you are wanting to join these platforms, I will be putting together an instructive video to explain greater what I am doing.

There is another platform I’ve been using that is very simple to follow and use called Golden Eggs. It works like some of these other platforms but is very user-friendly and takes the complexity of yield farming out of the platform. This smart contract has only been available for a few weeks now and is providing 2 to 5% daily return on investment. Not only can one withdraw their daily returns but one can also compound their return into other aspects of the platform to increase greater their daily ROI. While these high interest platforms are financially beneficial, let me warn you that sometimes websites such as Golden Eggs, have suddenly and without warning shut down. Like Tron chain or Tron hero such projects resemble Ponzi schemes and are only set up to attract large investment before being taken down at a loss to investors. One must be very careful with any crypto currency platform and understand that some projects do not last forever long. That being said, sometimes platforms that do promise higher yields, are able to sustain themselves with other projects such as gaming, casinos, or Cryptocurrency credit cards. So if you are wanting to begin investing in the Golden eggs platform, be very cautionary and only invest what you are not afraid to lose.

You can find more information on the pancakeswap platform and how to begin utilizing it by watching the following video. The native token for this platform which is called Cake has increased from $.80 two weeks ago to $1.96 today. I personally do not have any concern with this platform as it is supported by Binance, the largest crypto currency exchange in the world. It is because they are supported by this platform that I believe they will be highly successful and thus why you see the dramatic increase in their token price the last few weeks since they have been available to the public.

You can learn about the uswap platform from this video –

You can learn about the Golden Eggs Platform from this video -

God bless all of you. Remember I am not a financial advisor and the sharing of this information is for entertainment purposes only. 

Here are the referrals for the different wallets and exchanges that I use.

Need a VPN to use these two sites:

 Celsius is a very easy crypto currency wallet to use. They pay really awesome interest rates and have been around for a very long time. They have a great reputation and are very trusted with large sums of money by even large Wall Street type financial institutions. They been featured on CNBC and many other financial networks. You can use my referral to get $20 in BTC for divining their platform and then use the following promo to get another $30 BTC when depositing over $200 in Cryptocurrency.

type this promo into the referrals section of your account before sending $200 in crypto to your Celsius wallet for $30 dollars BTC free: WEB30

you can earn different levels of interest from the different crypto currency wallets which is why it is beneficial to have multiple accounts on different platforms. What is especially beneficial and intriguing about using these different websites and wallets, is that the interest you are paid for holding these different crypto currencies are paid out not in dollars but in the token themselves. Thus, you are paid BTC for holding BTC, ETH for holding ETH, so on and so forth. Likewise because of that the interest payments made to you also have the ability to compound in earning as the price of the tokens appreciate. This is hugely beneficial and something which many people overlook.

I really love BlockFi as it serves as both a interest-bearing crypto currency wallet and a trading platform where one can trade certain tokens for others stable coins. Therefore, for those of you that are a little more advanced in this investment space, this website allows you to sell your BTC or ETH for stable coins such as USDC, USDT, DIA, BUSD, and other stable coins in a trade and then also get paid 10 to 13% interest for holding those stable coins. They also have incorporated into their platform a very nice referral bonus for new users and those that encourage others to use their website or application.

Another really great interest-bearing wallet and phone app is Similar to Celsius wallet they pay different rates for different coins but also have a credit card which pays a certain percentage cash back in reward for using it but instead of dollars you get Bitcoin.  Use this referral link when signing up and we will both receive a $25 credit.