Meet Our Authors

Zen Garcia

Zen Garcia, a highly successful radio show host and author of 16 books, goes deeper down the rabbit hole than most, speaking the truth without fear, as he leads others in pursuing the truth. He shares that if you are interested in ordering multiple books, we can bundle at a discount, just contact us directly (using the form below). His books can also be ordered through Lulu Author, or Amazon

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Justin James Garcia

Son of Zen, Justin James Garcia is a dedicated researcher of the Bible. During his time in the U.S. Air Force he travelled across the world, devoting himself to finding the truth of history (His story), God's story. With his first work he has laid the foundation of his ethos as a Christian author, and he has vowed to continue sharing the Gospel of Yahusha The Christ through working as a modern day scribe.

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Dr. Joye Jefferies Pugh

Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh is an alumnus of South Georgia College, Valdosta State College, and Nova University where she received her doctorate in education. For over 30 years, Dr. Joye has been involved in researching Biblical prophecy, consulting with people from around the world on issues involving science and religion, spiritual and religious aspects of paranormal and UFO experiences.

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Diane Covher

Diane's life has been totally dedicated to her family, her Creator and striving to walk in truth each day. You can find out more about the ministry she shares with her husband at their website above. Diane has painstakingly researched and documented the details about our Creator’s appointed times including Sabbath that has been hidden for over 1800 years. She has waited over six years to get this information published.

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Brett Lee Thomas

For almost two decades, Brett tirelessly researched the mysteries of ancient Babylon, as outlined in the Bible: what they meant back then, and how it all still applies today. He devoted his entire career to assemble even the most obscured interpretations of Scripture - especially those relating to early Genesis and Revelation. From these, he believes one can find many ways to successfully understand - and deal with - our world at hand. To be personally empowered, Brett believes it’s also important for us to “know thy enemy.”

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CJ Austin 

Dr. CJ Austin, retired from providing family therapy and university professorship, has worked with adults as well as children and youth of all ages and ability levels, from pre-school to university graduate level. Her current writing projects include adapting ancient writings and Zen Garcia’s research for young readers, as well as formatting and editing out of print books. In addition, she assists Sacred Word Publishing by editing the newsletter and coordinating book production. CJ's hope is to bring encouragement to all truth seekers. Contact her at:  

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W.Kent Smith

In the mid-1980s, Kent was introduced to a body of ancient wisdom literature, which provided him with the missing pieces of a puzzle that is nothing less than the epic tale of God’s control over history. This wisdom literature—extra-biblical literature, to be more precise—is known in modern parlance as pseudepigraphical literature. As it turned out, this fresh literary infusion not only opened up a brand-new chapter of biblical history for Kent, but it also provided him with a unique framework for every book he will ever write.

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Nate Wolfe 

In 2016, while doing a study on the Genesis flood, Nate came to the topic of “Biblical Cosmology.” He studied this topic diligently and prayed fervently about it. In August of 2018, he and his wife Jennifer attended a conference on Biblical truths, called “Take On The World 18”. After the conference, Nate and Jennifer began to pray earnestly and seek the will of God regarding this experience. Shortly after attending the conference, Nate was fired from the church he worked with simply for being at Take On The World. Since that time, the Father in Heaven has renewed his ministry by opening doors for Nate to share the true Biblical Creation, to minister to those in the truth community and to speak around the Nation. His journey of faith seeking continues.

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Michael and Maria Solomon 

How do you inspire a curiosity and passion for Scripture? Armed with Michaels’ 35 years as an Illustrator and Marias’ 38 years as a researcher, that’s the question they decided to explore. The answer: develop study tools that would display the power and beauty of Yahweh’s word while competing with the secular media for the attention of our children. The results: trading cards, activity books, wall art and “CanonQuest Focus” (a game encouraging scripture study).

These originally illustrated study tools packed with scripturally accurate details will encourage your family to engage in many hours of fellowship, discussion and fun.

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Noel Hadley 

Noel J. Hadley is an independent journalist, longtime writer, and the recent author of “Worthless Mysteries: Flat Earth, the Divine Council, & the Search for the Immortal Soul.” The bulk of his research focuses primarily on the ancient Mystery religions stemming from ancient Babylon, classical philosophers, and the disastrous consequences of Greek Hellenization, particularly the erroneous dark speeches which early church fathers introduced into Christian thinking, all of which obstinately stands in stark contrast to the reality of God’s personal Testimony in Hebrew Scripture.

With THE UNEXPECTED COSMOLOGY, Noel has taken up the behemoth task of turning the 21st-century flat earth awakening into a biography, documenting the Movement through the personal stories of those involved.

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