Crypto for Ding Dongs January 2021

Welcome to all the new members. I greatly appreciate your interest and will do all that I can to help you take advantage of the blossoming opportunity that the buildout of the crypto currency infrastructure is presenting to everybody in the world. If you do not know there is still less than probably 5-10% of the worlds population that even knows what crypto currency is. There is even less, maybe something like 1% that is involved even in crypto investments. And while a lot of mainstream stock and bond traders are interested in diversifying into this market, the infrastructure for institutional buyers to do so is only now being actualized. It is for this reason that you have seen for those of you that are paying attention a great run-up in the price of BTC, Ethereum, and many other projects.

It’s been mostly the larger projects that have been benefiting from this run-up, however the entire crypto currency market is increasing in value. A day or so ago I sent out a warning that BTC was going to pull back in price at some point and for those of you that are wanting to get some money into the market, one should wait for the dips but that it would be bought up very quickly because of the great demand currently.

Little did I realize that this dip and retracement would only present a short-term opportunity, very short-term opportunity in fact. In the past, when Bitcoin corrected it would do so over a few hours and days but now it’s a matter of minutes. BTC went from 34,000 to 30,000 in just a few minutes and then literally shot back up to 32,000 in just a few seconds.

There are so many buyers awaiting to get into the market and very few sellers that anytime the price corrects this will happen in my opinion. This demand is causing price to rise exponentially. At some point I will teach you how to set limit orders where you can, use coinbase pro to place an order to enter into BTC and other crypto when it reaches a certain level even if your asleep. This keeps you from having to watch it and when the price reaches that level it will trigger an automatic buy or automatic sale. This is very convenient for people that cannot spend a lot of time watching the market or that have jobs which are not connected to computers to where they can monitor what’s happening in the market.

However the best strategy is called dollar cost averaging. This means that rather than worrying about price you just purchase a set amount of crypto every month or every two weeks as you can afford. Even if you just purchase $10-$50. I told my children to last year in October 2018 to begin to buy $50 of BTC every month. The money they put in over 11 months until last October quadrupled in price. I know most of you will not trader but only invest.

What I will be trying to help you do is simply gain access to the market and then make purchases which will just simply sit in an account and accrue either interest, value, or both. Earlier today I sent most of you a link to a phone application called Pi. This app allows you to mine crypto currency on your phone free of charge with no investment and you can do it 24 hours a day. The price of the crypto has not yet been determined as the application is still in the initiation phase, however you just have to start the application once a day to earn free crypto currency.

I know many of you do not have a lot of money to invest in so I’m going to try to provide you information so that you can earn crypto currency for free. Once we have the discord group set up and going I’ll be able to instruct you and answer your questions on a more intimate basis. In the meantime, do what you can do set up the backdrop of what you’re going to need to use to engage in this opportunity.

Remember I am not a financial advisor but simply sharing with you my opinion. I do believe that as in the 90s with the development of the Internet, we are in a very interesting position when it comes to this new technology. Like the Internet, nobody truly knows what will become of this platform and what kind of effect it will have on the world. However I do believe that the benefits and applications which can be created utilizing block chain, will at some point effect all levels of commerce and industry like the Internet which currently can’t be ascertained.

There is a lot of interest in crypto currencies occurring right now. Tomorrow, when the mainstream news begins to report that Bitcoin reached 34,000 over the holidays and days after the new year, more and more people are going to want to take part including smalltime players like ourselves and even big-money institutions. I believe that Bitcoin can easily reach 50,000-100,000 by the end of next year. Even with that being said please only involve yourself in a manner that you feel comfortable. Do not spend or invest what you cannot afford to lose.

God bless all of you looking forward to the group going and are being able to come to know each other in better personal manner. For those of you that have already begun to purchase the particular projects that I recommended even the answer that I gave to what would I do, if I had $1000 to invest. Remember I told you, “I would put 40% into BTC, 30% in ETH, and the other 30% into projects like DOT, THETA, CEL, or WISE.” While you can check the charts to see what these coins have done over the even the last week since I mentioned them.

BTC has gone from 20-34k since the first show I did on Crypto’s for Dingdong’s Dec 16th, 2020.

ETH has gone from 625-978 today.

DOT 4.8-9.7

THETA .80-2.17

CEL 2.46-6.39

I’ll be in touch soon.


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