Digital Readers Club

On 9/15/2018 we launched our new ministry initiative: the Digital Readers Club. The heart of this weekly gathering is meant to be like an after school book club. We meet every Saturday at 7pm EST for a one hour meeting!

1: sign up at 
2: receive a weekly e-mail with an Excerpt of the Book of the Month which corresponds with the chapter to be covered at the next meeting
3: have exclusive access to a DRC Voice and Text Channel on the Zen Space Discord server,

Study Format: 

 - Introduction - 10 Minutes

  • Fellowship and greetings
  • Discuss an overview of the chapter to be covered             
  • Recall previous lesson 
  • Discuss rollover questions

 - Reading - 10 Minutes

  • One chapter per week unless it is over 50 verses
  • Number of verses is divided by number of members with a microphone
  • Members take turns reading equal number of verses, reading according to whose name comes first in the alphabet

 - Discussion - 20 Minutes

  • Moderator will present the main points of the reading
  • Members present, one-by-one, what The Spirit has encouraged them to regarding the reading
  • Presentations will be around one-to-two minutes in length
  • Members can PASS if they don't want to present

 - Questions, Answers, and Rollovers - 20 Minutes

  • The mic will be opened to members to present questions and to discuss topics relevant to the reading
  • If time permits, the moderator should allow discussion to flow naturally
  • Any questions that are left unanswered will be considered a free gift of "homework" and will be discussed during the Rollover questions of the next week or in the Digital Readers Club text channel.  

Current Book of the Month:

The Aramaic Targum

Latest Book Club Video: