Enochian Lunar Calendar

This calendar unifies into one cohesive form the ancient Hebrew Enochian Lunar calendar together with the Gregorian Solar calendar. It enables users, ability to determine when the new moon, chodesh occurs as defined by the Book of Enoch as a 7% waxing crescent moon which is when it first becomes visible. Contrary to mainstream belief, Sabbath does not occur once every seven days but is aligned to the sighting of chodesh. It is always marked on YHWH's calendar as the first day of the lunar month and excluded from the following four seven day count of the sabbatical weeks. Because of that, true Sabbath can float through and occur on any day of the week according to the Gregorian Solar based system. Only by using a calendar which adjusts for the sighting of chodesh including such exclusion, can one remain compliant to true Sabbath and mark in celebration the actual Leviticus 23 feast days and festivals.