Publishing Services

We are blessed that you are interested in Publishing with us. Cost for Publishing Will Depend On: Level of customer needs to finalize for actual publication; Level of need with regard to our participation in the process; Page count, size, cover, editing, formatting and requested copies. If you are ready to discuss further please email:

Our Guiding Principles

We are an unique publishing company, representing a niche market for authors desiring to share their work with minimal editorial involvement. We publish material for genuine Truth seekers, following our motto: “As inheritors of the grand matrix, we must all question everything that we have been indoctrinated into belief upon” (Zen Garcia).

We publish revelatory truth from many diverse areas. Our authors explore Truth in its many facets, unaffiliated with institutional bias. Each book published, we promote without reservation. We do not necessarily agree with all our authors’ viewpoints, but we believe the ideas are worthy of our reader’s time and consideration. We maintain high standards for well-written material. We pray others will be blessed in their quest for discerned Truth. We do not discriminate on race, creed, ethnicity, national origin, or gender. 

If you have a book in mind to publish for the first time or if you have published before, then Sacred Word Publishing can help you realize your authorship dreams. As a highly successful author, having published 20 books, Zen Garcia, founder, desires to share his knowledge and expertise with you.