A New Creation: A True Story of Miraculous Healing
A New Creation: A True Story of Miraculous Healing

A New Creation: A True Story of Miraculous Healing

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A New Creation is a true story of the miraculous life of Isaac George, as told by his adoptive mother, who was also his social worker when he was a ward of the state.   When the government attempts to take the place of a child's parents, everyone involved suffers.  Only by the supernatural healing of Yeshua HaMaschiach can a broken vessel become A New Creation. 


The number of children in the USA who are placed in foster homes is
staggering.  Even more concerning are those who ‘slip through the cracks’
in the system, due to the large number of children on social workers’
caseloads.  This book describes what a worst-case scenario would look like
for a child who is raised by the government.  After years of trauma, only
Yeshua can heal the deep-seeded wounds and demonic entities that these
children are exposed to.  In Isaac’s case, his physical and spiritual
condition was restored around the same time.  

Miracles occur every day in our lives, supernatural events that shape our
perception of the forces active in the spiritual realm.  Some are so frequent,
such as awakening from sleep every day, that we may fail to give thanks to
our Creator for what He has done.  We are placed in situations by the Most
High to be lights in dark places, to share the good news of redemption from
sin that has already been overcome by Yeshua HaMaschiah.  By obeying
His commandments, we reflect His love for us, and share it with others.