Mystery Babylon 4 book bundle

Mystery Babylon 4 book bundle

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From Genesis to Revelation, the name of Babylon seems to come up, again and again, throughout the Holy Scriptures. In these volumes, we’ll begin to discover just what Mystery Babylon was, how it survived, and into what various thought-forms it had morphed, throughout the centuries. Beyond mere survival, these ancient Babylonian systems were able to flourish over the ages… manipulating a lot of what we see and hear, even today.

The theme of “The Rise of Mystery Babylon” series is two-fold. The author spent years researching a vast amount of complementary literary texts, 

ancient to modern, that allow us a better way to look at this all, and understand what we really may have been missing. These volumes also provide enough information to allow for the reinterpretation of early stories in Genesis, in ways not usually thought of anymore, or in ways that were even suppressed. Why? Because the movement of Mystery Babylon thrives through a continued misinterpretation of these early Genesis accounts. Understanding the reinterpretations contained herein provides a way to expose what Mystery Babylon is really all about, and where it may have really originated.

This is not your typical book of biblical prophecy, with attempts to interpret human future via the 

Book of Revelation. True, there is some, but there is so much more needed to understand it all. The typical interpretations of early Genesis, today, ask the reader to swallow a number of seemingly-questionable story elements, such as: was the Serpent merely a talking snake? Were Adam and Eve truly alone in the Garden of Eden? Did Noah’s Flood spread across the entire earth? Were there truly fallen angels mating with mortal women, producing giant, malevolent offspring, or were these merely different groups of people, coming together in unsavory ways? Beyond providing answers to the typical “where did Cain get his wife” question, the book examines much of the above, also delving into the Gap Theory, the concept of the underworld, the pre-Adamites, the Nephilim, the 

Anakim, and so much more. All of this ultimately helps to expose the darkened underbelly of Mystery Babylon, and helps us discover how it, once again, is trying to bring back the same depravities into the world it once had. There really may be a huge “parallel of existences,” here: the times of Noah’s Flood compared to the times of today. Jesus, after all, was the one who said: “as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Mat. 24:37). Could one side of this parallel be the times we see now, in the present?

These volumes offer their ideas in simple language, with an easy-to-follow format.


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