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Tales of Forever: The Unfolding Drama of God's Hidden Hand in History

Tales of Forever: The Unfolding Drama of God's Hidden Hand in History

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In humanity’s darkest hour, the God of The Bible uttered His most pivotal promise to Adam and Eve, to their children, to their descendants, to us.

And although this promise was of the utmost importance—as so often happens in the history of God’s revelation—knowledge of this primordial promise was obscured over time and nearly lost to history forever.

This book, Tales of Forever, tells the story of that promise, and the marvelous way that, no matter how hard the forces of darkness sought to eclipse a knowledge of this promise, the light of hope it held out to humanity could never be fully extinguished.


This is a tale beyond imagination yet true, a tale stranger than any fiction ever conceived by the mind of mankind, because in order to tell the ultimate tale of God’s faithfulness to humanity, one must weave together all the elements of the greatest tales ever told.

An ancient prophecy, a promise of “days,” which precisely foretold the Advent of Christ, given to the primordial parents of our race and recorded in the oldest story contained in the biblical record—a prophecy that bears a striking similarity to the messianic chronology found in The Septuagint Bible, the book most often quoted by the writers of The New Testament. But as so often happens, this most ancient of all stories, and a knowledge of the prophecy it contained, eventually fell out of favor in the wake of certain political movements and was swept away, not to be seen again in the West for over a thousand years.

One man, set apart from all others, who was said to have talked with God, face to face, having a conversation that took place not in any earthly realm but at the very pinnacle of Heaven itself—a conversation written in a book for all humanity to read. Yet because of its startling and enigmatic message, it was deemed unsuitable for viewing by the common people, so sometime in the latter half of the fourth century of the Christian Era, it was banned and afterward thought lost by most of the world for more than a millennium.

And an array of sacred artifacts, each one a talisman said to emanate an uncanny power to affect the hearts and minds of those who encountered them. Although every one of these objects appear insignificant at first glance, according to legend, they are all more potent than any man-made weapon—The Ark of the Covenant, The Spear of Destiny, and The Shroud of Turin. The other object amongst this array, however, is not so much an artifact as it is a colossus of a structure—The Great Pyramid of Giza.

All these elements, then—a man and his heavenly conversation, a promise of “days,” an ark, a spear, a shroud, a pyramid, and a book, that is to say, everything needed to demonstrate a startling proof of God’s faithfulness—have for the first time been forged into a single storyline, to tell the Tales of Forever: The Unfolding Drama of God’s Hidden Hand in History.

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