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The Great Contest Bundle

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War in Heaven - The first book of the Great Contest trilogy. This text expounds upon the war in heaven and what led to the schism between the Angels of light and darkness. Most biblical scholars do not realize that it was YHWH Elohim declaring, “Let There Be Light” that revealed Christ as the light to the Angels and world. That it was in that moment that the creation became visible and seeing the wide expanse of manifest world for the first time since being created that all the morning-stars shouted for joy. It was also in that moment that dominion was granted to the Son and Lucifer being envious of Christ’s appointment, conceived in mind the thought of exalting his throne above the stars and clouds of God. It was in this moment that iniquity led him to conspire overthrow which was the origin for the war in heaven. (374 pages)

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Enmity Between the Seedlines -  The second book of The Great Contest Trilogy, in this manuscript I explain in great elaboration how the knowledge that Cain was the first born son of the nachash, the feathered serpent, and devil of Genesis 3 is, in my opinion, the key to deciphering many riddles throughout the Holy Scriptures which are connected to this revelation. I prove that this knowledge was once commonplace, but is now mostly forgotten, lost, and hidden; having been destroyed by the Illuminati so as to hide their direct links to being the dragon's progeny and servants. Those led by the Holy Spirit, recognize it as the main focus of Yahushua’s teachings on the parables of the sower, seed, kingdom, net, and especially the tares of the field in Matthew 13. All these parables and much are covered in great depth within the chapters of this book. (456 pages)

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