The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Way of Cain (Part 1): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 1)
The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Way of Cain (Part 1): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 1)

The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Way of Cain (Part 1): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 1)

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“And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.”  -  Revelation 17:5

From Genesis to Revelation, the name Babylon seems to come into play, again and again, throughout the Holy Scriptures. In these volumes, we’ll begin to discover just what Mystery Babylon was, how it survived, and into what various thought-forms it had morphed into throughout the centuries. Over the ages, these Babylonian systems were able to flourish, manipulating a lot of what we see and hear… even today. It’s all about bringing us away from God and towards the evil one.

There, indeed, may be a “parallel of existences” here: the times around Noah’s Flood and the times of today. Jesus, after all, was the one who said: “As the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Mat. 24:37). Could one side of this parallel have taken place in the early days of Genesis? Could the other side be the times we are facing now? Can we look to Genesis as an indicator of what might comprise the “end times” as we know it? Once we begin to see the parallels, we’ll also begin to discover how Mystery Babylon is the “thought-machine” responsible for bringing it all back to us, on so many levels.

These volumes provide a great deal of information to allow for the reinterpretation of many important Genesis stories, in ways that are not usually considered plausible anymore, or ways that may have been subsequently suppressed. The author spent decades researching a vast amount of complementary literary texts - ancient to modern - which allows us a better way to look at our world, and understand the things we really may have been missing all these years. The powers and principalities supporting those “mystery” systems of Babylon have worked very hard to stop the populous from understanding the real truths of the Bible. Why? Because they thrive on deceptions, and misinterpretations of these early Genesis accounts. These volumes are not a typical look at Biblical prophecy, attempting to interpret the future by the Book of Revelation. No. There is much more needed to help us understand what the future might hold - namely, knowing what went on in early Genesis.

These volumes will enlighten our senses with captivating answers to many common questions, with this first volume focusing on: Was the Serpent merely a talking snake? What were the two seed lines of Genesis 3:15? Were Adam and Eve the only two people in the Garden of Eden, early on? What was Noah’s Flood really for? Were fallen, terrestrial angels able to mate with mortal women, producing giant, hybrid offspring? Beyond providing typical answers to questions such as “where did Cain get his wife” the work examines so much more obscured material out there, such as the Gap Theory, the underworld, Satan, the Nephilim, the Anakim, the Cainites, the real story behind Noah’s Flood and who really went aboard the ark, etc.

Beyond it all, we most importantly look at Cain himself - the murderer of his brother Abel. After this horrendous deed, Cain did not just wonder about aimlessly (as God wanted him to). He began to be a great leader of many, and a conqueror - leading so many down some very dark, dark ways. Knowing all of this helps us to expose this darkened underbelly of Mystery Babylon, and how it works to bring people to the same depravities that Cain had once introduced, so many years ago.

We now have a great deal of ammunition to decipher why the Epistle of Jude reluctantly felt a need to exclaim to the entire world: “Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain” (Jude 1:11).

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