We are excited to announce the new official date for the Sacred Word Revealed Conference! Please mark your calendars for September 11- 13, 2020.
Praise Yah that all things worked out perfectly, and the speaker list will remain the same. The only change is that, due to the warm September weather in Georgia, we will be doing baptisms!
Also, we do have the ability to perform refunds now! However, please note that we are at max capacity for the conference, and if your ticket is refunded, there will likely not be one available in the future. Requested refunds for conference admission and the GA Guidestones Tour will be honored until April 30th.

On September 11-13, 2020, Sacred Word Revealed comes to Atlanta, Georgia purposed to reveal end-time mysteries and prepare the final generation to don the Full Armor of Yah.
We look forward to fellowshipping and diving deep into end-time mysteries with you.

Conference Schedule

Full Access Conference Tickets - $150



Zen Garcia, a highly successful radio show host and author of 16 books, goes deeper down the rabbit hole than most, speaking the truth without fear, as he leads others in pursuing the truth. He is best known for his in depth knowledge on Ancient Biblical Manuscripts, Serpent Seed, Enochian Lunar Calendar and so much more.  



Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan’s plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days.
Gary is a Christian contrarian who has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy, history and mythology.



Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is the founder and CEO of Cepher Publishing Group, LLC, the publishers of the Eth Cepher: a Comprehensive Restoration of Sacred Scripture in the English Language. Dr. Pidgeon holds a PhD and a JD, and has been a student of multiple languages for more than 20 years. He is also a practicing constitutional and immigration attorney, a member of the United States Supreme Court, and all Federal and State Courts in the state of Washington.



Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh is an alumnus of South Georgia College, Valdosta State College, and Nova University where she received her doctorate in education. For over 30 years, Dr. Joye has been involved in researching Biblical prophecy, consulting with people from around the world on issues involving science and religion, spiritual and religious aspects of paranormal and UFO experiences.



At Israeli News Live we examine world headlines and their relevancy to Biblical Prophecy. In the latter days that we are living in as many call the "End Times" people globally are concerned about where we are in light of Biblical Prophecy.



Rob Skiba is an award winning documentary filmmaker and the best-selling author of several books including: Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last and Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim. As an “ancient Nephilim theorist,” Rob brings a unique and often unheard perspective to the UFO/alien discussion. 



Justin James Garcia is a dedicated researcher of the Bible. During his time in the U.S. Air Force he travelled across the world, devoting himself to finding the truth of history (His story), God's story. With his first work he has laid the foundation of his ethos as a Christian author, and he has vowed to continue sharing the Gospel of Yahusha the Messiah through working as a modern day scribe.



Laurel Austin is a mother of 6 children. Her older 4 are vaccinated and all 4 on the autism spectrum. Her younger 2 have never been vaccinated and they are typically developed children. Laurel has spent the greater part of the last 20 years speaking about her family story and encouraged parents to do the research and understand the dangers and risks before vaccinating their children. Laurel is a professional photographer since 2008. Since 2017 she joined the SWP team and has co-hosted for several of Zen Garcia’s radio shows. 



After leaving his career in the United States Army and working in the mental health field and ministry for nearly ten years, Nathan Reynolds has devoted himself to writing and speaking about things others would rather not be said. His wife Chelsea and daughter Naomi are on a mission to see those in bondage set free. They live in the wild lands of The Rocky Mountains.



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Georgia Guidestones
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GEORGIA GUIDESTONES with Zen Garcia - Only 50 slots will be available for a guided tour with Zen Garcia. If you are coming from out of town and do not have a car please purchase a $50 Georgia Guidestones ticket! This will help with the cost of renting a bus, waters, and a light lunch for those who purchase the GG tickets. If you have your own car feel free to meet us there!

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